Arzolath the Demon King

Arzolath's Refsheet


Arzolath, the immortal Demon King, is a towering figure with rippling muscles and black, shiny scales, adorned with gold accents on his shoulders, the back of his arms, and outer thighs. His body is veiny, giving a clear indication of his immense strength and power and due to his immortality, he can not be harmed in any way.

Arzolath's veins are visible beneath his skin, adding to his imposing appearance. He has piercing yellow eyes that seem to glow in the dark, and muscular wings with golden and ripped webbings. His golden loincloth is thin and barely covers anything and moves away when he moves, exposing his massive genitals to everyone around him.

Arzolath's lust is well-known. He is a dominant monster, but he can only be dominated and used by those who have summoned him. Once bound, he is at the mercy of his summoners, who use him for their own pleasure and desires. They make him do everything they ask and he must obey every command he's given.

His summoners take advantage of Arzolath's body, using him in every way possible. They make him expose his body, flex his muscles, and put on a show for their entertainment. They also make him perform more intimate acts, forcing themselves on him and using his body as they please.

He can be taken to the extreme and used so much that he ends up being fertilized and lays black and gold eggs.

If these eggs are placed inside a host, they hatch within a few days, and the black, slimy crawlers that emerge will force themselves onto the host and consume his energy to the point of exhaustion, transferring that energy to Arzolath.

Arzolath's powers are numerous and include shape-shifting, summoning tentacles, opening portals, vanishing, teleportation, growth of genitals, growth in size, summoning hell-bound creatures, possession and absorption of other beings and taking their powers. He is a formidable being, and his summoning ritual is difficult to execute, making him one of the most dangerous demons to summon.

In conclusion, Arzolath is a powerful and dangerous being, who is only under the control of those who summon him. His lust and dominant nature are well-known, and his body is at the mercy of his summoners, who use him for their own pleasure. His abilities are vast and dangerous, and those who summon him should be aware of the price they will pay for their desires.

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Materials Needed to summon Arzolath:

  • The skull of a Crimson Wyrm, a rare and powerful creature known for its fiery and majestic nature.
  • A virgin male, pure and untainted by sexual experiences.
  • A hidden cavern or a secluded location where the ritual can be conducted in secrecy and safety.
  • Seven black candles or torches to create an ominous and mystical ambiance.
  • A ceremonial dagger or blade for carving runes and symbols.
  • A chalice of blood from a willing participant to offer as a sacrifice.

Step 1: Preparation

  • Find a suitable location for the ritual, preferably a hidden cavern or a secluded spot where the summoner and the participants will not be disturbed.
  • Set up the ceremonial space with the seven black candles or torches, arranged in a summoning circle around the area where the ritual will take place.
  • Place the skull of the Crimson Wyrm at the center of the summoning circle, serving as the focal point of the summoning.

Step 2: Carving Runes

  • Use the ceremonial dagger or blade to carefully carve ancient runes and symbols on the ground, surrounding the circle of candles or torches.
  • The runes should represent lust, desire, and power, and should be carved with precision and reverence, invoking the energy of Arzolath.

Step 3: Invoking Arzolath

  • Light the candles or torches, creating a flickering and eerie ambiance in the ceremonial space.
  • Recite the incantation, calling upon Arzolath by his name and titles, and invoking his presence to the ritual.
  • Offer the blood from the chalice as a sacrifice, pouring it onto the ground or using it to anoint the skull of the Crimson Wyrm.

Step 4: Offering the Virgin Male

  • Bring forth the virgin male, who must willingly participate in the ritual as an offering to Arzolath.
  • Lay the virgin male on the altar, facing the skull of the Crimson Wyrm, and bind him with ceremonial ropes or restraints.
  • The virgin male must remain pure and untainted by sexual experiences until the ritual is complete.

Step 5: Completing the Ritual

  • The summoner, or the designated participant, must recite a personalized plea to Arzolath, expressing their desires and intentions for the summoning.
  • The summoner must then release the virgin male from his restraints, allowing him to willingly offer himself to Arzolath.
  • Arzolath may appear in a seductive and alluring form, and the virgin male must follow his commands without hesitation.

As the ritual reaches its climax, and Arzolath, the demon king, is successfully summoned, the atmosphere becomes charged with dark energy. The candles or torches flicker wildly, casting eerie shadows across the cavern walls, the summong circle starts burning in bright yellow flames and the air crackles with an otherworldly aura. The summoner's heart races with anticipation as they wait for Arzolath to appear.

Suddenly, a swirling mist materializes around the skull of the Crimson Wyrm, and a figure emerges from within. Arzolath appears in a seductive and alluring form, with a commanding presence that exudes raw power and desire. Arzolath's eyes glow with a fiery intensity as he gazes upon the virgin male, who lies on the altar as the offering.

With a wicked smile, Arzolath approaches the virgin male, moving with a graceful yet predatory stride. He extends a clawed hand towards the offering, and the virgin male's eyes widen with a mixture of fear and fascination. Arzolath's touch is both cold and scorching, sending shivers down the virgin male's spine.

Arzolath's voice resonates with a deep, guttural tone as he speaks, commanding the virgin male to rise and follow him. The virgin male, under Arzolath's spell, obeys without hesitation, compelled by a potent mix of lust and fear. Arzolath leads the virgin male deeper into the shadows, disappearing from sight as they vanish into the mist.

The summoner watches in awe and horror as Arzolath claims his offering, knowing that the virgin male's fate is now in the hands of the powerful demon king. The outcome of the encounter and what Arzolath does with the virgin male may be left to the imagination or further explored in the story, depending on the direction of your narrative.

Step 6: Consequences and Risks

  • Summoning a demon like Arzolath comes with inherent risks, and any disruption or mistake in the ritual may anger the demon king, leading to dire consequences for the participants.
  • Arzolath's intentions and actions towards the virgin male may be unpredictable, and the summoner and other characters must be prepared to deal with the aftermath of the ritual.
  • Arzolath is a powerful and cunning demon, and his desires and demands may go beyond the summoner's expectations, resulting in unforeseen consequences.