Arzolath the Demon King

Arzolath's Refsheet

Origin Story:

In a realm shrouded in mystery and ancient power, the birth of Arzolath marked a turning point in the annals of legend. His origin was not merely a birth but a fusion of raw demonic might with the timeless, noble spirit of dragons. This unique blend forged Arzolath, a being whose very existence redefined the meaning of power.

The emergence of Arzolath was heralded by an event that shattered the cosmic order—a breach in the barriers between realms that unleashed untamed magic. In this vortex, the essences of fallen deities, demons of old, and the spirits of dragons intertwined, giving rise to an entity of unparalleled strength and majesty.

Arzolath's form was a testament to his dual lineage, exuding raw masculinity and formidable presence. His towering, muscular physique was armored in scales as black as the night, each scale edged with the sheen of gold, reflecting his royal and fearsome heritage. Beneath these scales, his veins throbbed with the potent blend of dragon and demon blood, a visual affirmation of his invulnerability and vigor.

His face, rugged and imposing, was adorned with piercing yellow eyes that glowed with an inner fire, a window to a mind that understood the mysteries of countless realms. His wings, grand and powerful, bore the markings of both his demonic and draconic ancestors, with golden hues highlighting their impressive span.

Arzolath's attire was minimal, a golden loincloth that did little to conceal his formidable stature, enhancing his masculine form. His presence was not just physically overwhelming but also imbued with an aura of dominance and charisma, captivating and commanding the attention of all who encountered him.

As Arzolath traversed the various realms, he engaged in epic battles, each confrontation adding to his strength and knowledge. With every victory, he absorbed the essence of his foes, continuously evolving and growing in his journey to become an unrivaled force of power.

Tales of Arzolath's exploits and his commanding nature spread far and wide, igniting the ambitions of those who craved a share of his power. These seekers of might scoured ancient texts and prophecies, hunting for rituals that could bind the great Demon King to their will. Their pursuit to unravel these arcane secrets signaled the start of a new era, one where the legend of Arzolath, the embodiment of strength, dominance, and power, would be eternally inscribed in the annals of time.


Arzolath's lust is well-known. He is a dominant monster, but he can only be dominated and used by those who have summoned him. Once bound, he is at the mercy of his summoners, who use him for their own pleasure and desires. They make him do everything they ask and he must obey every command he's given.

His summoners take advantage of Arzolath's body, using him in every way possible. They make him expose his body, flex his muscles, and put on a show for their entertainment. They also make him perform more intimate acts, forcing themselves on him and using his body as they please.

He can be taken to the extreme and used so much that he ends up being fertilized and lays black and gold eggs.

If these eggs are placed inside a host, they hatch within a few days, and the black, slimy crawlers that emerge will force themselves onto the host and consume his energy to the point of exhaustion, transferring that energy to Arzolath.

Arzolath's powers are numerous and include shape-shifting, summoning tentacles, opening portals, vanishing, teleportation, growth of genitals, growth in size, summoning hell-bound creatures, possession and absorption of other beings and taking their powers. He is a formidable being, and his summoning ritual is difficult to execute, making him one of the most dangerous demons to summon.

In conclusion, Arzolath is a powerful and dangerous being, who is only under the control of those who summon him. His lust and dominant nature are well-known, and his body is at the mercy of his summoners, who use him for their own pleasure. His abilities are vast and dangerous, and those who summon him should be aware of the price they will pay for their desires.

More information about Arzolath's interests

Here are some additional legendary aspects of Arzolath:

Aura of Temptation: Arzolath possesses an irresistible aura of temptation that envelops those who stand in his presence. It clouds the minds of even the strongest-willed individuals, stoking their hidden desires and inflaming their passions. Many have succumbed to this allure, willingly subjecting themselves to his dominion.

Mastery of Forbidden Pleasures: Arzolath is said to possess unparalleled expertise in indulging in forbidden pleasures. He is a connoisseur of sensual experiences, capable of evoking unparalleled ecstasy through his touch, kisses, and caresses. Those who have been privy to his intimate encounters speak of pleasures that transcend mortal comprehension.

Reality Manipulation: Arzolath's dominion over reality extends beyond his physical prowess. Legends whisper that he possesses the ability to mold and shape the fabric of reality itself. With a mere thought, he can alter landscapes, bend time, or create illusions that ensnare the senses, leaving those around him questioning their own perception of the world.

Mind Control: Arzolath possesses the power to dominate the minds of others, bending them to his will. Through a hypnotic gaze or a whispered command, he can implant suggestions, compel obedience, or erase memories entirely. Those who fall under his sway become devoted servants, carrying out his bidding without question.

Transformation into Nightmarish Forms: Arzolath's shape-shifting abilities extend beyond mere cosmetic changes. He can assume nightmarish forms, taking on the visage of monstrous creatures that embody fear and terror. These transformations not only strike dread into the hearts of his adversaries but also grant him enhanced physical attributes and unique abilities associated with each form.

Consumption of Souls: In his insatiable quest for power, Arzolath is rumored to consume the souls of those who dare to challenge him. Once their life essence is absorbed, their powers become his, augmenting his own abilities and leaving only empty husks in his wake. This act serves as a warning to those who would dare to stand against him.

Dominion over the Astral Plane: Arzolath's dominion extends beyond the mortal realm. He holds sway over the astral plane, commanding its denizens and harnessing their energies. He can summon otherworldly creatures, harness their powers, or traverse the astral plane at will, granting him unparalleled access to hidden knowledge and forbidden realms.

Gooey Replication: Arzolath, in a display of his mastery over the arcane and the forbidden, possesses the unique power to birth clones of himself from a mysterious goo. These replicas are not mere doppelgangers but extensions of his own consciousness, forming a hive mind that operates with seamless coordination. The goo, a substance woven with the essence of his being, serves as the medium through which he can replicate and control these entities.

Summoning the Demon King:

  • The skull of a Crimson Wyrm, a rare and powerful creature known for its fiery and majestic nature.
  • A virgin male, pure and untainted by sexual experiences.
  • A hidden cavern or a secluded location where the ritual can be conducted in secrecy and safety.
  • Seven black candles or torches to create an ominous and mystical ambiance.
  • A ceremonial dagger or blade for carving runes and symbols.
  • A chalice of blood from a willing participant to offer as a sacrifice.

Step 1: Preparation

  • Find a suitable location for the ritual, preferably a hidden cavern or a secluded spot where the summoner and the participants will not be disturbed.
  • Set up the ceremonial space with the seven black candles or torches, arranged in a summoning circle around the area where the ritual will take place.
  • Place the skull of the Crimson Wyrm at the center of the summoning circle, serving as the focal point of the summoning.

Step 2: Carving Runes

  • Use the ceremonial dagger or blade to carefully carve ancient runes and symbols on the ground, surrounding the circle of candles or torches.
  • The runes should represent lust, desire, and power, and should be carved with precision and reverence, invoking the energy of Arzolath.

Step 3: Invoking Arzolath

  • Light the candles or torches, creating a flickering and eerie ambiance in the ceremonial space.
  • Recite the incantation, calling upon Arzolath by his name and titles, and invoking his presence to the ritual.
  • Offer the blood from the chalice as a sacrifice, pouring it onto the ground or using it to anoint the skull of the Crimson Wyrm.

Step 4: Offering the Virgin Male

  • Bring forth the virgin male, who must willingly participate in the ritual as an offering to Arzolath.
  • Lay the virgin male on the altar, facing the skull of the Crimson Wyrm, and bind him with ceremonial ropes or restraints.
  • The virgin male must remain pure and untainted by sexual experiences until the ritual is complete.

Step 5: Completing the Ritual

  • The summoner, or the designated participant, must recite a personalized plea to Arzolath, expressing their desires and intentions for the summoning.
  • The summoner must then release the virgin male from his restraints, allowing him to willingly offer himself to Arzolath.
  • Arzolath may appear in a seductive and alluring form, and the virgin male must follow his commands without hesitation.

As the ritual reaches its climax, and Arzolath, the demon king, is successfully summoned, the atmosphere becomes charged with dark energy. The candles or torches flicker wildly, casting eerie shadows across the cavern walls, the summong circle starts burning in bright yellow flames and the air crackles with an otherworldly aura. The summoner's heart races with anticipation as they wait for Arzolath to appear.

Suddenly, a swirling mist materializes around the skull of the Crimson Wyrm, and a figure emerges from within. Arzolath appears in a seductive and alluring form, with a commanding presence that exudes raw power and desire. Arzolath's eyes glow with a fiery intensity as he gazes upon the virgin male, who lies on the altar as the offering.

With a wicked smile, Arzolath approaches the virgin male, moving with a graceful yet predatory stride. He extends a clawed hand towards the offering, and the virgin male's eyes widen with a mixture of fear and fascination. Arzolath's touch is both cold and scorching, sending shivers down the virgin male's spine.

Arzolath's voice resonates with a deep, guttural tone as he speaks, commanding the virgin male to rise and follow him. The virgin male, under Arzolath's spell, obeys without hesitation, compelled by a potent mix of lust and fear. Arzolath leads the virgin male deeper into the shadows, disappearing from sight as they vanish into the mist.

The summoner watches in awe and horror as Arzolath claims his offering, knowing that the virgin male's fate is now in the hands of the powerful demon king. The outcome of the encounter and what Arzolath does with the virgin male may be left to the imagination or further explored in the story, depending on the direction of your narrative.

Step 6: Consequences and Risks

  • Summoning a demon like Arzolath comes with inherent risks, and any disruption or mistake in the ritual may anger the demon king, leading to dire consequences for the participants.
  • Arzolath's intentions and actions towards the virgin male may be unpredictable, and the summoner and other characters must be prepared to deal with the aftermath of the ritual.
  • Arzolath is a powerful and cunning demon, and his desires and demands may go beyond the summoner's expectations, resulting in unforeseen consequences.

Binding the Demon King:

  • The Amulet of Domination: A mystical artifact forged by ancient sorcerers, capable of containing and suppressing the power of demons.
  • The Chains of Submission: Enchanted chains specifically designed to bind powerful entities like Arzolath.
  • The Shadowfire Crystal: A rare gem infused with the essence of dark energy, necessary for the binding ritual.
  • The Essence of Sacrifice: A potent substance extracted from the blood of a willing participant who offers their life essence as a sacrifice.
  • The Forbidden Tome: A forbidden grimoire containing the incantations and rituals required for summoning and binding Arzolath.
  • Seven Obsidian Candles: Candles made from pure obsidian, representing the darkness and power needed to control Arzolath.
  • The Sigil of Subjugation: A symbol of control and domination, intricately inscribed on a piece of parchment or etched onto a surface.

Step 1: Preparation

  • Ensure that the ritual space is secure and free from any disturbances.
  • Place the Amulet of Domination, the Chains of Submission, and the Shadowfire Crystal on a consecrated altar at the center of the space.

Step 2: Establishing Control

  • Hold the Sigil of Subjugation in your hand, focusing your intent on gaining dominance over Arzolath.
  • Recite the words of command from the Forbidden Tome, affirming your authority over the Demon King.
  • Place the Sigil of Subjugation within the Amulet of Domination, allowing the artifact to absorb its power.

Step 3: Binding Arzolath

  • As Arzolath manifests, quickly and confidently approach him, wielding the Chains of Submission.
  • Envelop Arzolath with the chains, ensuring they securely bind his limbs and restrict his movements.
  • Use the power of the Sigil of Subjugation and the Amulet of Domination to exert control over Arzolath, compelling him to obey your commands.

Step 4: Imprisonment Ritual

  • Place the Shadowfire Crystal in close proximity to Arzolath, allowing its dark energy to emanate and reinforce the bindings.
  • Recite the incantations from the Forbidden Tome, directing the energy of the Crystal towards Arzolath, further solidifying his captivity.
  • Visualize the chains and the Amulet of Domination absorbing Arzolath's power, rendering him subservient and unable to escape.

Step 5: Stating Your Wishes

  • Once Arzolath is securely bound and imprisoned, clearly state your wishes or commands to him.
  • Use assertive and precise language, ensuring there is no room for misinterpretation.
  • Remember to be cautious and strategic in your requests, as even a bound demon can attempt to manipulate or twist the wording of your commands.

Important Note: Binding a powerful entity like Arzolath carries immense risks and consequences. It is crucial to thoroughly understand the potential dangers and seek guidance from experienced practitioners before attempting such rituals.

Granting Wishes by the Demon King:

Once Arzolath has been successfully bound and brought under the summoner's control, a macabre and seductive pact forms between them. Arzolath's power to grant wishes, regardless of how dark or depraved they may be, becomes a tantalizing temptation for those who dare to invoke his name.

The Nature of Arzolath's Contracts:

Arzolath's contracts are not simple exchanges; they are intricate and perilous bargains that require careful consideration. The price one must pay for having their desires fulfilled by the Demon King varies based on the nature of the wish. It is a trade of goods, and the summoner must be willing to surrender something of value to receive their heart's darkest desires.

Technicalities and Limitations:

Certain boundaries exist within Arzolath's contract. The summoner cannot claim ownership, collar, mark, or pair Arzolath with another being. The Demon King's essence is eternal, and such restrictions are beyond the scope of any mortal pact.

Additionally, no contract with Arzolath is everlasting. The duration of the pact must be defined at the outset, ensuring that the summoner's desires are satisfied within a finite timeframe. Once the contract expires, Arzolath's influence wanes, and he returns to his realm until called upon again.

Consequences of Unfulfilled Contracts:

It is vital to understand that reneging on a contract with Arzolath is not without its repercussions. Attempting to evade the terms of an agreement may result in the Demon King's wrath, and he has the power to exact punishment beyond mortal comprehension. The consequences for breaking a pact are as diverse and dreadful as the wishes themselves, and they serve as a chilling reminder of the perilous dance one engages in when summoning Arzolath.

In conclusion, the granting of wishes by Arzolath is a treacherous and irresistible endeavor. His powers can bring even the darkest desires to fruition, but the cost is always steep, and the consequences for betrayal are dire. Those who dare to enter into a contract with the Demon King must do so with utmost caution, for the line between desire and damnation is perilously thin.