Welcome to Arzolath's Den!

My name's Arzolath, a full time programmer and a freelance 3D bara artist and game developer. I have over years of experience in game design and 3D art and on the side, I create content for VRChat.

I take Avatar commissions for VRChat or VTubing purposes. You can check my prices and commission information here.

I'm also the creator of VTuber Plus. An advanced throwing system for VTubers with full Twitch integration. You can learn more about it here.


Some of my previous avatars

Avatar Sample
Avatar Sample
Avatar Sample
Avatar Sample
Avatar Sample
Avatar Sample
Avatar Sample
Avatar Sample
Avatar Sample
Avatar Sample
Avatar Sample
Avatar Sample
Avatar Sample
Avatar Sample

Arzolath's Character Reference

Click the image for the full resolution (~32Mb)

Avatar Sample

Commission Info & Prices

  • I don't do vore, hyper, male pregnancy, gore, scat, watersports, etc.
  • I will do slim, muscular, or fat male furries but I'm more comfortable with muscles / bara.
  • The avatars are only for pc and not for any mobile headset like Quest, Quest 2, etc.
  • You will receive a Unity package.
  • The avatar must be marked as private.

Price:25€ / Hour
Minimuim Hour:16 Hours (400€)
AR Blendshapes for VRM:6 Hours (150€)

By commissioning me in any way, you are agreeing to the terms of service below:

Any statement can be bound to change if discussed with me, the artist, prior to the commission.


Please write in a clear and nice manner.
Provide neat references.
Not a wall of text.
Any ill behaviour will not be tolerated and your commission will be cancelled if it occurs.


All commissions must either be paid in full upfront or in instalments (up to 3 parts). First payment will be upfront.
The currency accepted is EURO.
You’ll receive an invoice.


Work in progress will be shared with you in order to make changes before it's too late.

The time for your commission to be completed can be up to 3 months depending on many factors such as;
The order of commission, complexity, work, etc.

If any of the things stated above occurs you will be notified asap.


I will do everything I can to make my customers happy.
However, after a commission is finished, I will not accept changes.

Any changes to your model will come with an extra charge.

Make sure to be clear in your order what you aim for.


I, the artist, hold every right to the produced model, not the commissioner.

Therefore I'm allowed to use the copyrighted artwork to;
Promote myself within any place or site.
Publish books with.
To display it anywhere to my liking.
Post it wherever I want.
The commissioner is allowed to;
Use the copyrighted artwork for personal use only unless agreed otherwise.
Print the art, and claim the right of their character(s) but not the model/render itself.
Use the art to promote themselves with proper credit given to the artist.

If you break the copyright infringement in any way, every right you had to the model/render will be retracted.

The following is considered Copyright infringement:

Taking Credit for the creation of the artwork.
Removing any watermarks/signatures.
Altering the artwork without my, the artist´s, consent.
Credit is required for the usage of the artwork, even if altered or edited.


I have the right to cancel and refund the money for your commission at any time.
You have no right to cancel or demand a refund from the artist under any circumstances after payment is received.
If money has not been sent yet the commissioner has the right to cancel the commission.

If you file a chargeback against me, your right to everything I have ever made for you will be retracted and I have the right to sell the copyrighted artwork to new buyers.
You will be forbidden to ever commission me, Arzolath, ever again.
Your name will be exposed for others to watch out for.
I also have every right to file a legal complaint and I have all the right to the money you have given me.

Any statement can be bound to change if discussed with me, the artist, prior to the commission.

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